Blood Manifestation


A Blood Manifestation is a semi-solid manifestation of blood-like Ectoplasm. They are an exceptionally rare manifestation and are known to only appear in the presence of a power spirit such as a poltergeist. In some instances, it is possible that the manifestation can also take place in the presence of an Ectomancer.

In 1936, a group of twelve of these manifested on the street outside the Fantasma Osservare Gionale offices. They appeared in the presence of Alec Sahib Roy.

Earlier, a similar creature appeared in the office at the Respighi Estate where it attacked Tomas Migual Gessner.

For this many Blood manifestations to appear, a rare and powerful entity or Ectomancer must be present. It was suspected that Alec Roy was the one responsible, although his exact nature is unknown.

Blood Manifestation

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