Black Court


The Black Court is one of four known Vampire Courts. The others are the White Court, the Red Court, and the Jade Court.

Black Court vampires are non-human creatures, disguising themselves as humans; they prey on humans and drink their blood. They have a number of supernatural abilities. They can assume the form of animals. They usually appear as a more aggressive and dire specimen of whatever animal form they assume. Usually the animal of choice is a wolf or raven. In older vampires they can assume the form of a swarm of bats, cockroaches or serpents.

In addition to these shape-shifting abilities, they also possess mesmerization powers and suggestion powers that affect weak-willed individuals. These seem most effective on members of the opposite sex. In some cases, the Vampire can affect electronic devices, including lights and vehicles causing them to putter out or short circuit.

They are one of the major supernatural signatory nations to the Seelie Accords. They exercise the most control in Europe, but they conduct operations worldwide.

Of all the courts, they are the most vulnerable. This is due to the printing of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. The author was a member of SAVE, and used his experiences with the encounters with a Black Court vampire and used it as the basis for his novel. As a result most humans are familiar with the basic weaknesses of the traditional Black Court Vampire.

However, since weak or foolish members of this court tend to be tracked and destroyed quickly by the opposition, the average Black Court Vampire one is likely to encounter is usually shrewd, well-prepared and very powerful. Like the other Courts, all thralls and herd prey claimed by the court are tattooed as a means of identification of ownership.

The Black Court Structure

The Black court uses a Sire – Offspring Generational system for organization. The Oldest and most powerful amongst them in a particular area is the deFacto leader of that area’s court members. Several regional leaders then determine who they consider the premier amongst them. It is rumored however, that the progenitor of the entire Black Court remains alive and active and that he loosely manipulates those others in his court. The older and closer in Generation to the Progenitor, usually the more powerful and thus more prestigious the member.

General Information

  • The Black court vampire does not possess a reflection.
  • Black court vampires must return to the original coffin in which they were buried. That coffin must possess some of the original grave soil of the place where they were interred.
  • A black court vampire can only be destroyed by piercing the heart with a wooden stake. Their head must then be removed and a sacramental wafer place into the creatures mouth.
  • Contrary to popular belief, sunlight does not kill a black court vampire, although it does weaken it. The older the vampire the less effective the sunlight has upon the vampire.
  • The black court tends to use movies, media and literature to add disinformation concerning the vampires to the public. In this way, the legends become distorted and the information becomes disjointed.


Black Court

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