Atlantis was once the capital city of the seat of power for the Fae Athanteen. It was located on Earth, and was situated not far from the western shores of Italy, although it existed only in antiquity.

The city was a renown place of learning and philosophy, and the people there considered themselves the guardians of the world.

With the discovery of the Outer Gates, the Universe of Man, found itself at war with the Old Ones and their Outsiders.

While the war has been underway for millennia by the time that Atlantis was destroyed, no real threat to the Universe was believed to exist until the Outsiders created or discovered an artifact that has come to be known as the Roark Skull. With this item, the Outsiders were able to bypass the Outer gates and conduct incursions directly into the Universe of Man.

The Athanteen stole the Skull from the Old Ones using an ancient ritual from the Amissa Antiquorununum to create the Compass of Azaoria.

The Old One Premiogothiq was able to open a rift to Atlantis and attempted to recapture the skull. He was killed and the City was driven into the sea beneath the mass of his falling corse, destroying it.

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