Ars Medievalis


The Ars Medievalis is a Medieval Library located in Rome in the neighborhood located on the Palatine Hills. The library boasts a unique collection of Medieval manuscripts and the collection spans a period stretching from 300 AD to 1600 AD.

The building was once a Medieval Keep tower, and as such is strongly built. It is the only portion of the original structure remaining. The remainder collapsed during a 1684 Earthquake. The front facade of the building contains a unique doorway. It appears to be a demonic or monstrous mouth, surrounding the entry door.

The entry is located on Via Demonae, and the street takes it’s name from the visual representation of the door. The structure is located adjacent to an Archeological dig taking place near Trajan’s Forum.

The library is operated by an individual who seems unable to remember his name. This very eccentric individual is a possible subject for future investigation by the Vatican City ROME Office.


Ars Medievalis

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