All Saints Health Resort


All Saints Health Resort is an abandoned health spa and resort located 15 kilometers north west of Rome, Italy. the site was a popular site during the Great war Years, since it was considered reasonably safe. Families often visited the site, which boasted a nearby lake and indoor spa.

In On April 12, 1915 a convoy of military trucks hauling canisters of poison gas to the Italian-Austrian front were ambushed on the alpine road near the site. When the canisters breached, the gas rolled down the mountainside and killed 187 guests and 62 staff at the resort. There were no survivors.

It took authorities a week to discover the event and as a result a malevolent force of psychic energy was created there. The site was abandoned after the event, preventing any cleansing of the site.

In 1936, the resort was used by a coven of Red Court Vampires. It was there intention to enslave and use the power present at the site. Envoys from the Vatican City SAVE Office in cooperation with Order of Saint Giles member Father Pedro Manuel Rogerio, became involved at this location to prevent a the ritual from being completed.


All Saints Health Resort

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