Alchemist Gate

The Alchemist Gate is a strange stone door and gate located in the Garden of Souls (Giardino dell’Anima).

It is a rough granite rectangular doorway, carved with alchemical sigils. Above it is a crest of combined alchemical and occult symbols. It is faced into a large roman era concreted stonewall. A darker gray block of Granite way blocks the entry. There are two grotesque looking statues of nude men flanking the doorway. They are carved out of granite as well, and seem to be affixed to the wall with concrete.

It requires a specific series of hand movements to open the door. It leads to Kemet. By reversing the order used in the real world, the door can be opened from Kemet. Once the doorway is opened, the stone simply becomes translucent and can be passed through for up to 5 minutes after opening.


Alchemist Gate

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