Al-Amir Alya


Liberty’s sword is a Boabdil Genet Sword, that is once rumored to belong to the Last Nasid Ruler of Grenada, Abu Abdallah Muhammad XII. The type of sword he favored came to be known as a Boabdil sword. Genet in Arabic, means straight, so the description of the blade is “ Straight Sword of Boabdil ". Boabdil was the Spanish rendering of the name Abu Abdullah.

Muhammad XII, was the Sultan of the Emirate of Grenada from 1482 to 1492. He was the last Muslim ruler in Iberian territory.

After his exile from Grenada, it is said that Muhammad XII was granted refuge in Fes, Morocco, where he built a sumptuous palace. The ruler created this sword while in exile, as the original was presented to Queen Isabella of Aragon, upon the loss of Grenada.

It is said that at the very moment that the Damascus steel sword was plunged into it’s final tempering of virgin olive oil that at that very moment, Muhammad XII died of a broken heart brought on by the memories of his lost kingdom of Alhambra in Grenada.

As a result the sword, although finished was believed to contain the soul of the displaced sultan. That was in the year 1534. It was never used in battle, and was stored away, wrapped in an oil-soaked silk wrap.

This lesser known sword remained within his family for generations, until it was discovered by a rare antiquities collector. It was sent to the Vatican Museum for authentication, but the document trail was inconclusive. As a result the Vatican Museum declined to add it to their collection. However, Liberty Rothe acquired the sword in 1935 for her personal use.

Amongst the many rumors is that the Blade has been constructed using ancient magical incantations. It is said to bear the name “ Al-Amir Alya”, or “ Prince of the Sky .”


Al-Amir Alya

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