Virgo Morgan




Virgo Morgan is a Detective for the monster hunting Company, Monster Hunters International. He was born in Waco, Texas, USA and considers himself to be an accomplished American Cowboy.

Virgo is a skilled marksman, proficient with both a revolver and long rifle. He is also a world-class hunter, equestrian and athlete. Virgo was raised on a cattle ranch for the majority of his life. Upon the accidental discovery of gold upon his ranch property, Virgo gave up ranching to travel. He maintains his affluence through the ownership and operation of several logging companies throughout the western united states.

Virgo is credited with the discovery of the rare California Dwarf Oak (Quercus Prinoides Californicus). He was recruited to join MHI by Richard Sandyvale, after an encounter with a possessed taxidermist’s grizzly bear was uncovered by Virgo as the culprit behind several murders at a Swiss hunting lodge.

In 1936, he encountered members of the Vatican City SAVE Office during a series of investigations.

Virgo Morgan

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