Viktor Franken


Viktor Franken is a Medical Examiner with the Rome Municipal Coroner’s Office. He is a specialist doctor, whose area of expertise is Hematology. Specifically he is interested in the science related to diseases of the blood. As such he is working in the morgue, while attending advanced medical lectures at the University of Rome.

In 1936, he met Oliver Merbach, and was involved in the autopsy of three women brutally murdered in the city of Rome. He was able to assist in the identification of an unidentified victim, but reconstructing her shattered face over the course of a couple of days.

The Doctor seemed somewhat odd to Oliver, and this was confirmed by Gerard Filipanni when the latter met him during the course of an investigation.

Doctor Franken is believed to be somehow related to the infamous Doctor Victor Frankenstein of Mary Shelley fame, although this is unconfirmed. He claims to come from Germany.

Doctor Franken carries an old leather bound journal in his lab coat, and is constantly checking it’s whereabouts. It is obviously important to him in some very significant way.

It is unclear if he is somehow attempting to recreate his ancestors work, or if he is in fact related to the infamous family in the first place.


Viktor Franken

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