Roark was an ancient warrior knight of the Athanteen. He was the Knight protector of the realm and the head of the Royal Vanguard. He was present on Atlantis doing the last invasion into the Universe of Man by the Old Ones.

He was given the task of securing a vital artifact that had been captured from the Old Ones. Over time, this artifact became known as the Roark Skull.

During the final desperate battle, Roark was selected by the Royal Family to safeguard the artifact against recapture by the Old Ones or their Outsider servants. After fighting his way clear, losing many of the Vanguard along the way, Roark reached a waiting ship and attempted to sail away from the city of Atlantis.

However, with the death of the Old One Premiogothiq whose corpse drove the city into the sea, a massive tidal surge arose. This surge drove Roarkā€™s ship into the seabed, destroying it and killing all aboard.

Knowing that they could not outrun or survive the massive wave, Roark, used his death curse to seal the the artifact to be unusable, except by a male of his bloodline.

He had believed that his entire family had been destroyed in the fall of the city, and felt this was the only option available to prevent the artifact from falling back into the hands of the Old Ones.

His fast thinking insured that the artifact would remain on the ocean floor for millennia.


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