Age: 1
Occupation: Pet
Height: 1’9”
Weight: 8

This is a pet belonging to Hans “Oliver” Erich Merbach

Red is a Raven of the Corvus Corone species. They are commonly known as Carrion Crows, but are in actuality Ravens.


Near the end of the 1934, excavation season at Tall Al-Ajjul in the Gaza Strip, Hans “Oliver” Erich Merbach had experienced an encounter with a pack of creatures of the unknown. The encounter ended with a collapse of a tunnel which trapped or destroyed the creatures he had encountered.

Returning to Berlin, a short while after the end of the excavation season, Merbach began to notice a change in himself. Realizing that it must be somehow connected to the monsters he had encountered, Hans left the city and moved into a mountain retreat in the Bavarian Alps, where, he hoped, his condition would pass and he could return to a normal life.

Such, however was not to be the case. After about a week, Oliver grew increasingly desperate. His hunger and drive to eat seemed insatiable. In an attempt to distract himself from the growing discomfort, he decided to undertake a scroll in the high mountain vales nearby.

On this stroll through the alpine landscape, Hans noticed a group of circling carrion birds. Drawn by morbid curiosity, he made his was to the source of their interest.

There, laying in a tangle of thick underbrush, he discovered two men and a boar. Of the men, one was just barely living. The other, was already dead. The boar was eating the corpse.

Horrified, Oliver sets out to drive the boar away, but the animal refuses to yield it’s ground. In the struggle, Oliver, desperate to save his own life, bites the animal ferociously, tearing out a portion of it’s flesh.

Oddly invigorated by the taste of blood, Oliver manages to kill the animal, but is soon ill with the thought of the enjoyment for the taste of the rent flesh he just experienced.

Mortified, he tried to recover his senses. It is at this time that a large Raven lands upon his shoulder, carrying one of the dead men’s severed digits in it’s beak. Still dazed, Oliver accepts the grisly prize when the raven nudges him, and to his disbelief consumes it without thinking.

After a moment of elation brought about by the feeding, and the much appreciated respite from the ever present hunger, Oliver looks up to see the Raven prizing another of the dead man’s finger’s from it’s still warm corpse.

He named the Raven Red. Since that day, Red has followed Oliver on his journeys, although Oliver does not claim ownership or dominion over his feathered companion.

At some primal level, the two seem to share a bonded connection, despite the oddness of the situation.
They seemed to develop a relationship, and although there was no indication that Red was domesticated prior, the Raven seems to have adopted Merbach as a companion.

Red is highly intelligent and has readily accepted some training that Merbach has offered. The Raven is capable of manipulating several items, basic problem solving, basic counting and has been known to track individuals or even attack them to come to Merbach’s aid.

Red technically lives in a cage in the window of Merbach’s apartment in Rome. The raven, however, is capable of opening the cage at will and is often allowed free reign of the apartment. Additionally, Merbach often leaves the window open and Red often follows Merbach on his travels through the city.


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