Nationality: Greek
Age: 3,336 Apparent: 26
Occupation: Oracle
Height: 5’6””
Weight: 120
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown


Pythia is an Oracle. She is the oldest living Oracle known. She is also known as the Oracle of Delphi. In this capacity she has prophesied for thousands of years.

As the world grew more connected, she gained an incredible amount of knowledge and power, learning to master thaumaturgy and control the onset of her powers of prophesy.

In 1913, she encountered SAVE Envoys in Egypt. Her encounter with them was brief, but purposeful.

She appeared to be alive and well in Rome in 1936, where she made her presence known to the Vatican City SAVE Office.

She has learned how to grant immortality. She has selected three Spartan warriors as her personal bodyguards. With their centuries of martial prowess, there are few who can best them. Her body guards are named Aegeus, Denes, and Lysias.


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