Professor Otto Van Libbenstat




Professor Otto Van Libbenstat is an accomplished research librarian and Detective for the monster hunting Company, Monster Hunters International. He was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands into a wealthy family. He recently turned down the chair for the library arts department for the University at Amsterdam to join MHI.

Although a recent member of the investigation team for MHI, Van Libbenstat has proved his worth as a researcher and librarian on several occasions. HIs ability to locate valuable data and information is vital to the success of the company. His ability to read several language has also been very useful.

He was hired by Richard Sandyvale to fulfill a missing piece of the investigative team. He originally began as a skeptic, but rapidly accepted the truth that the Unknown exists. He often writes the press releases and handles the Public relations for the company.

In 1936, he encountered members of the Vatican City SAVE Office during a series of investigations.

Professor Otto Van Libbenstat

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