Onima Tachibana


Nationality: Japanese
Age: 28
Occupation: Dominican Nun
Height: 5’5”
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel

This character is a contact for Sven Thofelt and Martin Fletcher


Sister Mary Margaret was born with the name Onima Tachibana. She assumed the name Mary Margaret upon the completion of her vows. She is a Catholic Nun from Japan. She was born in Kyoto, and was trained by her father, the last male member of the Nobel Tachibana Samurai Clan. From an early age she was trained in various martial arts. She is proficient in over a dozen Samurai weapons as well as three styles of Japanese unarmed fighting.

She belongs to the Dominican Order. As such, she has had experience with the supernatural. It is because of this experience, that Father Fletcher made arrangements for her to join the household of Sven Thofelt as a nanny to his two young children. This was in direct response to a perceived threat made against Sven’s family by the Abiectio Venatores in early 1936.

Sister Mary Margaret is not an Envoy of SAVE, but she has fought alongside the Knights of the Cross against the Jade Court in Japan, and is aware of the existence and charter of SAVE.

She has twice encountered members of the Order of the Blackened Denarius and been victorious. It is rumored that she may someday become the first female Knight of the Cross, replacing the lost knight Hiroki Takenaka.

Onima Tachibana

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