Leonardo Bonomo


Assignment: Rome SAVE Office
Nationality: Italian
Age: 26
Occupation: Philanthropist
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 160
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Blue
Active Date: January 3, 1935
Distinguishing Marks: None
Other Notes:
Leonardo does not possess any of the Disciplines of the Arts.


Leonardo Bonomo was born into old money. His inheritance comes from his father’s investments into a variety of funds and securities in markets around the world. He received the inheritance upon his father’s death in 1930.

Leonardo generally uses his money to fund foundations and benefits. As such, he has the ability to call upon a variety of people, resources and charities to help in many fashions. His connections to high society have proved useful tools during several investigations.

Leonardo has a witty and uplifting personality. His ability to help maintain good morale even in the darkest of times has been a boon for the Society in Rome.

Leonardo Bonomo

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