Jake Dansen




Jake Dansen is a one-time thief and Detective for the monster hunting Company, Monster Hunters International. He was born in New York City, USA. He grew up on the streets, abandoned by his parents and left to survive on his own. His ear life included a number of orphanages and work houses, geared towards turning him into a productive member of society.

An accomplished pickpocket and burglar, Jake was arrested many times in his early career. In prison, he has learned many valuable lessons and refined his skills. Since being released after his last incarceration, he has been very careful to avoid being caught again.

In 1934, Jake was targeted by a group of unidentified creatures from the Unknown. They began to follow him, kill those around him and generally attempt to drive him insane. Despite being an atheist, Jake turned to a Catholic Priest for assistance, beginning to think he had been targeted by some sort of demon.

The priest, in turn, contacted Richard Sandyvale, who seeing potential uses for a man of nefarious talents quickly hired him to join the company. Together the two men discovered the source of the problem, a stolen ancient occult artifact, and disposed of it, freeing Jake from it’s influence.

The two have been friends since.

In 1936, he encountered members of the Vatican City SAVE Office during a series of investigations.

Jake Dansen

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