Gracie Worthytown




Gracie Worthytown is a Medium and Detective for the monster hunting Company, Monster Hunters International. She was born in California, USA. Gracie, from an early age, was plagued by visions. These visions were often described as images of ghostly people. Initially this was dismissed as the fantasies of a young woman’s imaginations, but when she was able to hold complete conversations with the recently departed and share intimate details impossible for her to know with the close relatives, belief in her power and abilities grew.

Upon the tragic death of her parents in an automobile accident in 1920, Gracie was sent to live with her eccentric aunt Grace, for whom she was named. It soon became apparent that Aunt Grace was a crackpot. While clinically insane, Grace found a common interest with her niece, the occult. The two women became accomplished occultists, authoring several small occult tracts for the community.

Gracie aided police in Valencia, California to locate the body of a young woman who had been missing for months. After location the body, Gracie interrogated the deceased woman’s spirit and led the police to her murderer. The local press surrounding the story made her something of a local celebrity and she opened a spirit medium business.

Shortly after her assistance aided police in capturing the murderer, she was contacted by Richard Sandyvale, who was founding MHI. With prospects of continuing her studies into the paranormal, coupled with a desire to combat evil, she joined the company and began to participate in the various investigations undertaken by the group.

A firm believer, she is willing to share her experiences with anyone willing to listen.

In 1936, she encountered members of the Vatican City SAVE Office during a series of investigations.

Gracie Worthytown

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