Father Josef Beuhler


Nationality: Italian
Age: 910 Apparent: 60
Occupation: Priest
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 155
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Blue

This character is a contact for Agostino Raffaelle Mikael Selletti.


Father Josef Beuhler is a priest working in a small chapel in the Vatican. He is a very capable but low-key individual, who has a knack for being easily forgotten.

Father Josef is a prior member of the Venatori Umbrata. He has turned away from a life of power seeking and become a priest. His long-life and Thaumaturgical ability has allowed him to remain a priest in the Roman Catholic Church for Centuries. He periodically changes his name and duties to avoid suspicion.

His most recent incarnation is that of Father Josef. Josef is till highly connected in the supernatural world, the Venatori and the Church.

Father Josef Beuhler

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