Empress Wu


Nationality: Chinese
Age: 28
Occupation: Empress of the Jade Court
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 130
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown


Wu Zetian (February 17, 624 – December 16, 705) also known as Wu Zhao, Wu Hou, and during the later Tang dynasty as Tian Hou, referred to in English as Empress Consort Wu or by the deprecated term “Empress Wu”, was a Chinese sovereign who ruled unofficially as Empress and later, officially as Emperor of China during the brief Zhou dynasty (684-705), which interrupted the Tang dynasty (618–690 & 705–907). Wu was the only female emperor of China in more than four millennia.

Wu was the concubine of Emperor Taizong. After his death, she married his successor – his ninth son, Emperor Gaozong, officially becoming Gaozong’s huanghou (variously translated as “empress”, “wife”, or “empress consort”) in 655, although having considerable political power prior to this. After Gaozong’s debilitating stroke in 690, Wu Zetian became administrator of the court, a position equal as emperor, until 705.

Wu ruled with a ruthlessness and insight that was unprecedented by other Chinese Emperors at the time. Her uses of seduction, shrewd political prowess and strength during her reign attracted the notice of the Jade Court, whose Emperor had recently been destroyed by enemies of the court. Seeking a strong and capable leader, they approached Wu on her deathbed in 705.

Their offer was immortality and rule over the Jade Court, but at the cost of her humanity. She accepted the offer and was transformed into the Empress Wu, immortal leader of the Jade Court. As part of the transformation, Wu gained the ability to remain perpetually youthful.

Over the Millenia, Wu has led the Jade Court with vigor, skill and subterfuge. Her leadership has made the Court one of the most secretive and effective amongst all the Vampire Courts.

Empress Wu

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