Elsa Mannhoff


Nationality: German
Age: 23
Occupation: Professor of Classical Literature and Art
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 125
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue

Elsa Mannhoff is the ex-fiance of Oliver Merbach


Elsa Mannhoff is a Professor of Classical Literature and Art at the University of Rome. She held the chair in Classical Literature at the university of Berlin until 1936, when she moved to Rome, in an attempt to reconcile differences with Oliver Merbach.

Prior to 1936, Oliver and Elsa were engaged to be married. The event was scheduled to take place upon Oliver’s return from an archeological dig at Tel Al-Ajjul. however, upon his return, Oliver cut all ties with Elsa and moved to Rome.

The move was so sudden and unexpected that Elsa was unaware that Oliver had left Berlin until three days after his departure. Since then, she has been searching for him. At first she thought he had been killed or kidnapped, even filing missing persons reports with the police.

However, eventually her suspicions moved to Oliver having an affair with another woman. She eventually discovered that he had moved to Rome with the help of an a private investigator. Communications with one of Oliver’s old firends Wilhelm Busch led her to believe originally that he was not living in Rome.

With some determination she tracked him down, made arrangements for a new position with the University of Rome and relocated. She was not ready to abandon Oliver Merbach just yet.

She reconnected with him in early 1936, when she unexpectedly showed up at his apartment

Elsa Mannhoff

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