Edward Vorgenberg


Nationality: Dutch
Age: 24
Occupation: Artist and Art Gallery Owner, Antiquities Dealer
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 180
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Note: Edward is one of only a few survivors of an attack by a creature of the unknown that took place near Nijmegen, Netherlands.

This is a contact for Lodewijk Van Beers.


Edward is the Son of Ulric Vorgenberg the patriarch of an ancient Aristocratic family. Edward grew up on the family estate located on the northern border of Nijmegen, Netherlands. Edward became the childhood playmate and friend of Lodewijk Van Beers. Lodewijk’s father often instructed young Edward in the playing of the Violin and Piano.

As the two matured, Lodewijk joined the crew of a sailing merchant ship, but Edward decided to move to Rome, to establish an Antiquities dealership. He opened an art gallery specializing in Roman, Egyptian and Middle Eastern artifacts.

In addition to these antiquities, Edward also deals in paintings, antiques and sculpture. It is generally believed that some of the Antiquities come to be in his Gallery through the efforts of the Black market.

Edward and Lodewijk were reunited in 1935 in Rome.

Edward Vorgenberg

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