Doctor John Abbynath




Doctor John Abbynath is a Dentist and Detective for the monster hunting Company, Monster Hunters International. he was born in Galveston, Texas, USA. He survived a terrible family tragedy where he was the sole survivor of a terrible hurricane. After the catastrophe, he was adopted by a man named Garth, who was a doctor.

He joined MHI after visiting a reputedly haunted factory. The place was believed to have become haunted after a terrible fire killed 165 people at the site. John, determined to prove the rumors as a hoax was surprised to discover that they were in fact real. He had multiple encounters with ghostly creatures, and only narrowly escaped from the premises.

After publishing his account in a penny dreadful, he was contacted by Richard Sandyvale, who was founding MHI. With prospects of continuing his investigations into the paranormal, coupled with his desire to combat evil, John accepted the position and began to participate in the various investigations undertaken by the group.

A firm believer that the average man should be informed that there are, in fact, things that go bump in the night, John is a strong advocate of spreading the word about the existence of the supernatural creatures he has encountered with MHI.

In 1936, he encountered members of the Vatican City SAVE Office during a series of investigations.

Doctor John Abbynath

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