Dea Murtas


Assignment: Rome SAVE Office
Nationality: Italian
Age: 26
Occupation: Club Secretary
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 112
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Brown
Active Date: November 16, 1934
Distinguishing Marks: Dea possesses a slight scar on her upper left leg, acquired during an investigation.
Other Notes: Dea is strong in the Communicative Arts


Dea Murtas was born in Rome to poor parents. Her childhood was a tough one, as the family struggled financially. Her father was conscripted in 1917 into the Italian Army. He served without distinction until he was terribly wounded in early 1918. After an artillery attack on the Italian lines by Austrian forces, her father lost his left leg.

As a result, his return home created additional economic difficulty. At this time a young Dea, left public school and went to work as a Girl Friday. Eventually she became a proficient secretary and was able to support her parents.

In early 1934, Dea returned home to find both her parents brutally murdered. A Save Envoy became involved in the investigation, and the two managed to uncover the existence of a pair of perpetrators influenced to murderous deeds by a terrible artifact.

Together, they recovered the artifacts and saved one of the affected individuals, Once all was resolved, Dea was recruited into a new SAVE office in Rome. There she received training in the communicative arts, and became the office’s secretary.

Dea Murtas

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