Davio Torento


Davio Torento is a Master of Renaissance art who works at the Vatican. He acts as a tour guide for Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine chapel. He conducts three 12-person guided tours every day, except on Sundays.

In 1936, he was conducting a tour which included Doreen Stone, David Stone, and Inoch Stone. This american tourist family disappeared during one of his tours.

As a result of this, Oliver and Sven managed to arrange a private tour with him, taking the entire Vatican City SAVE Office on the tour for the purpose of vetting the route and determining his possible complicity in their disappearance.

Because of the significant donation to the Art conservation fund, Davio arranged a private visitation of the popes personal garden. While there, the group was attacked by an individual and some constructs.

During the fight, Davio tackled one of the constructs, but was knocked unconscious during the fighting. Realizing he was in no danger, the gourd left the unharmed tour guide in the garden once the fighting had ended.

Davio Torento

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