David Antonio Fillipi


Nationality: Italian
Age: 32
Occupation: Newspaper Publisher and Columnist of the Society Pages
Height: 5’8””
Weight: 145
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Note: It is suspected that Fillipi is homosexual.


David Antonio Fillipi was born in 1904, to David and Maria Fillipi. He was born in Florence, Italy. His father was a book printer and binder, his mother was a housekeeper.

David seemed to take to the use of words quickly at a young age. He devoured books by the dozens and was educationally ahead of his peers. His father’s business, allowed David an opportunity for growth through reading. He eagerly consumed every book that came through the doors of his father’s shop.

At age 12, in 1916, David’s father was conscripted into World War I. He died within the first year of his service, leaving a young David to support his family. David taught himself the art of printing, and Book binding, learning from the manuals that his father kept on such things.

By 20 he was printing his own underground Nationalist Newspaper, the Imperial, His political views agreed with those of Il Duce, and as a result, the two began to work towards a common goal of creating a Fascist Italy.

David printed the majority of the early works by Mussolini, speeches, manifestos and manifests. As a reward for his support, Mussolini placed him in charge of the State run Newspaper in Italy. Based in Rome, La Repubblica, is the newspaper sponsored by the Fascist government of Italy.

David Antonio Fillipi

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