Dante Margolis


Nationality: Italian
Age: 22
Occupation: Papal House Guardsman, Vatican
Height: 5’8””
Weight: 180
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

This is a contact for Tomas Gessner.


Dante Margolis is a relatively new addition to the papal house guard. He joined the force in Mid-November of 1935 and was placed on medical leave following injuries sustained by an attack upon his person on New Years Eve of that same year.

During a patrol with his partner Tomas Gessner, the two men were set upon by an assailant on the grounds of the Vatican. The assailant displayed significant strength and agility, and it became apparent early on that he was not a normal human being.

Despite being severely injured Dante managed to sound the alarm whistle alerting other Papal House Guards to respond to the attack. The arrival of these reinforcements caused the assailant to retreat. This saved his life as well as the life of his partner.

Dante Margolis

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