“The gift of prophesy lies with me; as does the realm of dreams and all things within the Morpheus. Obey me and I shall teach you the power that derives from the knowledge of the mind.”


Danjal is a relatively obscure member of the Order of the Blackened Denarius. As such, his powers are not well defined and therefore he is considered very hazardous to encounter. The only real reference that we can locate about this member of the Order is that he possesses the powers of prophecy and of dream control and manipulation.

What exactly these powers truly entail is somewhat amorphous. The power of prophesy is little understood, although it is suspected that it can be used as a sort of means to create conditions that must take place. In this way it could be that a prophecy becomes its own means of fulfillment, and it is unknown whether once a prophecy is declared if it can be deviated from. As such it could be possible that a prophecy may be a form of manipulation of fate, through which certain criteria are met in order for the prophesy can be fulfilled. How this is done or if this is how the ability works is unclear.

On a more tangible level, however, he has the ability to enter, control and modify the dreams of others. In this sense the Denarii becomes exceptionally powerful, as all beings must at some point sleep. It is theorized that a dream state can be singular or shared and that such a state can cause very real physical ramifications as the mental dilemma of the dream progresses. It is unclear how powerful or complete Danjal’s control over or in a dream may be, but it can be safely assumed that it can be considered formidable. As with the Evil way Discipline Dream send, it could be possible for Danjal to significantly break down the will of others through the transmission of vile and unpleasant nightmares. Likewise the content of the dream could be in some way connected to the suggestion of future events, or situations which could act as a warning or enticer to those under his influence.

In addition to these abilities, it is also believed that Danjal may have the ability to induce the state of sleep in others. It is unknown how effective this ability is; whether it is something that can be resisted, but it is believed to be a means to allow him to ply his more dangerous abilities once his victim has entered the dream state. It is known that once a victim is sleeping and under the influence of Danjal that they are unable to be awakened until the influence is brought to an end.

The last encounter with Danjal took place in Sweden in a small town known as Trolleborgen in 1875. In this instance the Denarius managed to seduce the entire population of the small town, roughly 80 persons and put them to the task of building a mystical gateway to the unknown. The Denarius managed to manipulate the bodies of the townsfolk; through a dreamlike state that induces sleepwalking.

This particular encounter was with the Venatori, and they report that the townsfolk were driven to physically attack them. The townsfolk were slaughtered wholesale, and the project destroyed. Danjal, however was not captured, instead he escaped. Thirty-three Venatori were killed in the attack.

It is believed that Danjal may keep his coin affixed to the upper palate of his mouth. In this way the coin remains difficult to spot or acquire. It is also a somewhat mystical indicator of his gift or prophecy and dream state control. This Denarius has an extreme aversion to natural sunlight, and so tends to be very nocturnal in nature. It is believed that he prefers to operate in places far north or south, where the length of the night could and does last for months on end. However, this latter bit is something of an educated guess, based on some past encounters.

Also known as: Daniel, Danjel, Shemhamphorae


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