Corinna Von Liebstadt


Corinna Von Liebstadt is the current Winter Queenand ruler of the Unseelie Court. She is the wife of Udo Von Liebstadt and the mother of the Winter Lady Ariel Von Liebstadt.

Corinna has always been a Fae Queen. As is customary, she selected a Human male to act as the father for her unborn daughter Ariel, the future Winter Lady.

Corinna selected a SAVE Envoy, Udo Von Liebstadt to act as her consort. To those ends, she integrated herself into his life, seduced him and eventually married him.

Although there is no real binding contract involved with the human marriage ceremony, Corinna chose to maintain a human lifestyle through out her accelerated pregnancy.

Upon the Birth of her daughter, Corinna, elevated Udo to the position of Winter Knight, effectively granting him significant power. As part of this elevation, he was bound to protect his daughter, the future Queen at all costs.

Upon Ariel reaching the age of 10, Both mother and daughter began to travel and reside more commonly in the Fae realms within the Never-Never. Despite the normal acts of abandoning the child’s father, Corinna maintained a respectful relationship with there husband.

She often employs him in the furthering of the Unseelie Court’s agenda, under her guidance and direction. Corinna has returned to the realm of ice, where she governs over the Unseelie court.

Corinna Von Liebstadt

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