“The insects of the Earth outnumber all other things. They claw, sting and swarm, driving men insane and killing them with venom. Know that these things are mine to command and that I shall use them to scourge the Earth clean of the likes of mankind.”
– Chazaqiel


Chazaqiel is the undisputed master of insects. His abilities all seem to revolve around the nastiness that insects seem to inherently possess. It is believed hat this Fallen Angel has the natural ability not only to command, but also to speak with insects of all sorts. In this manner he is able to gather information from his servants.

The Denarius has the ability to summon swarms of all sorts of insects, often preferring those that possess painful stings or bites to the more harmless species. It is believed that he is most commonly found in the presence of large swarms of insects. His preference seems to imply roaches, spiders, centipedes and millipedes. He is also known to hold sway over flying insects such as biting flies, wasps, bees and similar species.

Because of his preference in minions, he also seems to possess the ability to instantly putrefy all manner of things. Food spoils and begins to rot, dead flesh becomes rapidly infested, drinks spoil and even wood begins to rot. His physical touch causes extreme pain as almost invisible barbs that are filled with insect venom cover his body.

He is capable of transforming himself into a swarm of insects, which makes it difficult to kill him, as the swarm is capable of parting and dodging most physical blows. His body is filled with a variety of insect larvae, so in places his skin seems to crawl. It is believed that he keeps his coin inside his intestines. He is capable of exhaling swarms of insects.

The swarm allows him a great deal of flexibility in his movements, allowing him to scale nearly impossible surfaces or to fly away from danger. It is believed that he is also capable of causing parasitic infestations of individuals. This ability makes him one of the most feared of the Denarii.

The last encounter with Chazaqiel took place in 1348 in southwestern England. The Angel had invaded a monastery in southern Kent and had used fleas filled with Bubonic plague to begin an epidemic. A Knight of the Cross managed to track down the demon and defeated him, but not before the plague in England became unstoppable. It killed one-third of the country’s population before it eventually burned itself out.

Chazaqiel is vulnerable to flames, although to destroy his physical body the entirety of the swarm must be destroyed. This is a difficult task, as it requires a large burst of fire to accomplish. It is suspected that in the modern industrial age that it will actually become easier to deal with this particular Denarius, as the availability of fire throwing devices become more and more practical.

Because of his nature, Chazaqiel is most likely found in places that are dirty, dark and putrid. He may be found in any place where large masses of the dead remain unburied, or where sanitation is all but non-existent. His stench is another primary indicator of his presence, although breathing it in could potentially cause any number of diseases. The Demon appears to be immune to cold weather and to poisons of all types.

Also known as: Ezeqeel


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