Charles O'Banyon


Nationality: Irish
Age: 45
Occupation: Textile Manufacturer, Industrialist
Height: 5’8””
Weight: 145
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown
Note: Charles O’Banyon was the founder of SAVE, and led the society from 1854-1876


Charles O’Banyon was the founder of SAVE, an organization dedicated to the investigation and destruction of the Unknown. he was Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1824. Not much is known about his early life due to the loss of SAVE Central Archives.

However, it is known that Charles established SAVE as a means of exploring Human spirituality and psychic potential. In it’s original incarnation SAVE wasn’t affiliated as an opponent of the Unknown. In fact, the organization was blissfully unaware of the existence of the Unknown.

It is generally accepted that SAVE was transformed into it’s current incarnation around the time that Charles was in his early thirties. It is believed that Charles O’Banyon and the societies members had at that time experienced an encounter with a creature of the Unknown.

The original reports are lost, but it is believed that Charles’ wife, Emily was killed by the creature. This is often cited as the point at which O’Banyon and the other Society members transformed SAVE into a society dedicated to destroying the Unknown.

Ever the consulate leader, Charles dedicated his substantial intellect and finances into funding the new society. His strong leadership and direction shaped the Society into a well-organized investigation and hunting group.

The early members traveled extensively, tracking down the Unknown , using newspapers, or other resources and for the first few years managed to dispatch dozens of Unknown Creatures, helping hundreds of innocent people.

O’Banyon never remarried nor did he have any heirs. His leadership of the Society (1854-1876) was essential guidance for the continuation of the society and O’Banyon’s estates provided the first of the bequeaths that would continue to fund the society into the present.

Charles O’Banyon was killed by a Mummy in Egypt in the summer of 1876. His investigation there was successful, in that he managed to destroy the mummy before succumbing to his injuries two-days later.

Upon his death Leadership of SAVE passed to Lord Herbert Richard Sandoval.


Charles O'Banyon

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