Carina deVecchio


Nationality: Italian
Age: 28
Occupation: Museum Curator
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 125
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Carina deVecchio is the wife of Martin Fletcher.


Carina deVecchio was born in Milan on October 12, 1908. Her Father ran a rare book store and her mother was a nurse. In 1924, Carina’s father was killed during an anti-Facist riot. As a result Carina’s mother took over the family book store.

During her youth, Carina spent many days in the book store, until she was accepted to the University of Paris in 1928. There, she studied Museum studies. She graduated with honors, as one of the few women to be granted a masters degree in Museum Studies in 1934.

She was hired on to act as a curator for the National Museum of Rome. In 1934, she met a young priest named Martin Ambrose Fletcher. They fell in love and were married on August 19, 1935 in Cologne, Germany. They keep their marriage secret since it is forbidden for priests to marry.

They are currently expecting their first child.

Carina deVecchio

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