Cardinal Rafaelle Santabelloni


Nationality: Italian
Age: 64
Occupation: Cardinal, Roman Curia
Height: 5’5””
Weight: 160
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

This is a contact for Tomas Gessner.


Cardinal Rafaelle Santabelloni is a member of the Roman Curia of the Roman Catholic Church. As a member of such an important ecclesiastical body, he enjoys a prestige that allows him great liberty in many aspects of church policy.

In an earlier time, he served as the family priest to the Gessner family. He was one of the instructors at the seminary where Tomas Gessner received his doctorate in Religion, and as such was knowledgeable of the man’s character and abilities.

It was through his influence, that Tomas was approved for a position in the Papal House Guards. The Cardinal does not interfere in Tomas’ life, but does pay attention to the general successes and failures in the young man’s career.

Cardinal Rafaelle Santabelloni

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