Cardinal Francisco DelMarco


Nationality: Spanish
Age: 58
Occupation: Cardinal, in charge of Nuncios
Height: 5’6””
Weight: 215
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

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Cardinal Francisco DelMarco joined the church as soon as he was old enough to do so. His studies in International Policy and Diplomacy at the University of Venice, brought him to the attention of the Cardinal Secretary of State.

In 1920, as a priest, he joined the Vatican Diplomatic Corps, where he helped organize the various Nuncios (ambassadors and Embassies) located in Europe. Over the years, he was promoted to the ran of Cardinal and eventually his authority extended to the entirety of the Nuncios maintained by the Holy See.

His authority is complete where Nuncio’s and the embassies of the Vatican are concerned. As a Cardinal, he answers only to the Holy Father, the Pope. His job includes the issuance of Official Vatican papers, developing administrative processes and procedures for Nuncios traveling abroad, and the administration of those Nuncios. While he does not have the ability to appoint or dismiss Nuncio’s his recommendations are considered by the cardinal Secretary of State, who does make those decisions.

Cardinal Francisco DelMarco

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