Height: 8’7”
Weight: 655
Hair Color: None (Completely Hairless)
Eye Color: Blue

Despite his brutish appearance, Brok is a thoughtful and considerate individual, although he is not shy about using his size and muscle to achieve whatever goals he determines are best.


Brok is a creature of the unknown, known as a Cyclops. He is a massive individual with a soft-spoken deep voice. He is muscular and surprisingly quick for his size.

As with all cyclops, he is cursed with the exact knowledge of his death. This makes him fearless in combat and somewhat philosophical in his daily outlook.

He “works” as the bouncer at Il Gato Nero. He has a fond affection for his co-workers and Employer. His relationship with Maddie is unclear, but it is clear that he has a protective streak towards her.

Being a creature akin to a demigod, Brok is exceptionally strong and resilient. He has the ability to travel across the veil at will.


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