Brigitte de Villepin


Nationality: French
Age: 52
Occupation: Philanthropist
Height: 5”7”
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black


Brigitte de Villepin is a exceptionally wealthy philanthropist in Rome. She supports artists, dancers and charities in the area. She is descended from old family money, made during the French Revolution. Her family was traditionally architects and engineers responsible for the building of many military fortifications throughout the history of the French Republic. More recently her family made substantial wealth during the Great War. Her older brothers were killed in the war, and with the passing of her father, she inherited her family’s great wealth.

She owns an impressive estate that was once a Catholic Monastery. The Property is known as El Escorial.  It is a massive property located in the crook of the Tiber River in an area of Rome known as the Trans Tiberius. It is bounded by the preserved remains of the Aurelian walls to the west. The walls and the river create a natural barrier against attack. The property is only accessible by way of a Roman era Bridge known as the Pontus Tiberim.

Brigitte de Villepin

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