Brigit Thofelt


Nationality: Swedish
Age: 28
Occupation: Wife, Mother
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 145
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Brigit Thofelt is the wife of Sven Thofelt.


Brigit Thofelt (nee Friis) is the daughter of General Thorstein Friis and Lotty Friis. She was raised in Stockholm, Sweden for the majority of her life.

The majority of her youth was spent with her Mother, since her father was often away from the family home as a result of his military duty.

As Brigit matured, she began to attend the socials for military wives with her mother. She maintained a social salon. Her entertaining parties and events were well-received. Brigit attended Stockholm University, beginning in 1926. She studied Humanities and Women’s Studies. She became active in local politics in 1930, although she limited her activities to women’s auxiliaries and social programs.

In late 1930, she met and fell in love with a young officer named Sven Thofelt. They were married in 1932, in a grand ceremony in Stockholm.

She gave birth to their first son, Lars Thofelt, on June 8, 1933. This was followed quickly by their second son, Bjorn Thofelt on March 21, 1935.

In very early 1936, he husband was transferred to Rome Italy, to act as Military Attache officer at the Swedish Embassy there. She transferred her family there in early 1936, in order to be closer to her husband.

Brigit Thofelt

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