Ambassador Birger Wedberg


Nationality: Swedish
Age: 42
Occupation: Ambassador to Italy, Swedish Diplomat
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 185
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Birger is an information contact for Sven Thofelt.


Birger Adolfo Wedberg was born on September 18, 1884 to Ilba Wedberg. His father’s identity is unknown.

Birger grew up going to public school, where he showed a great deal of knowledge and ability. He excelled in German and Italian language courses and became well-read in politics.

Upon graduation, Birger found himself faced with an uncertain future. He decided to join the army, but could not meet the minimum standards due to a heart murmur. Dejected, Birger became determined to make something of himself and decided to return to school. He worked his way through Stockholm University, graduating with a degree in politics and communications. The year was 1914, and World War I was in full swing in Europe.

Birger found himself joining the diplomatic Corps of Sweden, In June 1914. He had less than a month of training when the famed, “July Crisis" took hold. With the announcement of hostilities between Serbia and Austria, followed by a conflict between Germany, France and Britain on August 4th, that Sweden found itself in a delicate position. The state decided to remain Neutral despite making secret promises to both Germany and Russia.

Birger was on the diplomatic team whose purpose was to smooth over the Parliamentary decision to maintain neutrality. Birger was then sent to Norway and Denmark ion December of 1914, to forge a joint bloc of neutral countries.

This would be the beginning of an illustrious career for the young diplomat. Birger deftly maneuvered through the transitions of 3 parliamentary government cabinets in 1917, becoming a senior diplomat.

He was involved in Secret meetings with German diplomats concerning the Aland Islands in 1918, and was instrumental in maintaining Swedish influence over the islands during the Finnish Independence movement. His fast thinking and diplomatic skill, allowed a compromise with German Forces concerning the presence of Swedish troops on the Island in order to prevent any further atrocities by Russian forces during the conflict.

After the conclusion of World War I, Birger had the distinct honor of being the only prewar diplomat still in government service. During these turbulent years, all his prewar contemporaries had been forced from their positions by the ever shifting government.

This demonstrated his robust resilience and negotiating skills and advanced Birger into one of the most respected diplomats in Sweden at the time. He subsequently was appointed Ambassador to Germany in 1920, where he served until 1925. Following that appointment, Birger became Ambassador to Spain, and was the only diplomat recognized by both the Spanish Crown and the Provisional government of Francisco Franco. He remained in that position until 1930. At that time he become the Ambassador to Italy. He currently maintains that posting.

Ambassador Birger Wedberg

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