“In time Shadow covers all things. In time I shall overcome all others. Thus shadow and I are one and the same.”
– Bezaliel


Bezaliel is the Denarius most closely associated with Shadows. He almost always chooses a man or woman of African Descent as a vessel, and it is believed that he was once the angel who held dominion over Africa.

Bezaliel’s powers originate in the primordial darkness before the creation. It is believed by the Venatori that he was once the Angel responsible for keeping the outer gates closed to outside influence. As such his understanding of the umbra is unequalled.

Of all the Denarii, he is considered the most knowledgeable. He is capable of creating shadow, even where there should be none. Among his powers is the ability to pull forth the primal powers of decay and shape it into a cloud of pure destruction. His tactics include generating massive clouds of darkness to rob his enemies of their sight, and then unleashing the darker horrors from beyond the outer gates.
Because of the nature of these creatures, they cannot exit the confines of his dark cloud, but they are immensely powerful. Because of the conditions in which they are summoned, they have never been seen.
Another ability that Bezaliel possesses is the ability to shape and manipulate natural shadows as he wills it. His favorite creation consists of thick shadowy tentacles, or shadowy creatures like wolves. The creations cannot be destroyed by normal means, but they can be significantly weakened for a few moments when exposed to exceptionally bright light.

Bezaliel was last encountered near Denver Colorado aboard a train. He attempted to kill members of SAVE who were working towards the eventual location of the Key of Solomon.

It is not believed that Bezaliel was fighting to his full potential and hat his attack was meant to increase a sense of urgency for the envoys. Bezaliel was defeated when he was dropped through the floor of the train car as it traveled along the tracks. His coin, as a result was not recovered. Of course, there is no reason to believe that the coin remained unclaimed, since the summoning of the Denarii by Ornais in Crete in late 1913.

According to Venatori sources, Bezaliel is considered a very dangerous member of the Denarius, due to his ability to manipulate shadows and to blend into them seamlessly. It has been reported that he sometimes acts in the role of executioner for the Denarius, and it is claimed that he is responsible for at least one death among the inner circle of the Venatori’s ranks. As a result, his capture is of great interest to the Venatori, and they are actively searching for his coin.

This particular Denarius is also highly sought after by the Roman Catholic Church’s Knights of the Cross, after he managed to infiltrate a Catholic convocation and assassinate three cardinals of the Jesuit order. As a result of this attack, it is now know that he is unaffected by holy ground or icons. This is a strength for Bazaliel, as he is one of the few Denarius that is unaffected by such things. This means that where matters require activities relating to the church, he is one of the most likely members of the order to be assigned such tasks.

Also known as: Busasejal, Basasael, The Shadow of God.


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