“The Night holds no providence over me, it is I that holds providence over the night.”


Batriel is known as the night stalker. His dominion is that of the period between sunrise and sunset, and it is during these times that he is considered to be at his most powerful. Batriel prefers to possess those that are practicing witchcraft, sorcery or other black arts. His preference is for young women, specifically those of ancient bloodlines, wherein an ancestor was a practicing witch.

Batriel prefers to seduce his victims through the promise of power, and often portrays himself as an agent of justice and good. His prime means of harnessing control is through the fulfillment of some vengeance, justice or righting of some great wrong. Once he has achieved this, he is then capable of completely controlling his host without worry or fear.

Batriel is capable of casting powerful spells, most of which are highly offensive in nature. Brimstone, hellfire and other demonic powers are his to command, and he does so with effective regularity.

His most powerful weapon, however, is his demonic form. When angered or attempting to terrify a mortal, Batrial transforms into a monstrous demon from, complete with blackened leather wings, horns and long jagged claws. He is completely immune to ancient weapons, which are those weapons that are fashioned prior to the industrial revolution. It seems that he is much more susceptible to modern weapons, such as firearms, and that he will be forced to adjust his brute force tactics to adjust.

Batriel’s most recent encounter was in San Francisco in 1913, where he was party to an attack upon envoys of SAVE and the representatives of the Venatori. He proved ineffective, however, as Envoy Virgil McCully, defeated him through the use of a Thompson .45 caliber machine gun. Batriel’s coin was captured by Gabriel, one of the Knights of the Cross, immediately after the conflict. He was only incarcerated a very short time, however, as Ornias managed to free him after acquiring the Key of Solomon.

Batriel is bat-like in appearance, flat bat-like face, leathery wings and nimble claws. His size is nearly twice that of a man, making him a difficult opponent to deal with physically. His favorite tactic is to grab his opponent, carry them to a significant height and drop them causing injury or death. The exact location of Batriel’s coin is unknown, although it is suspected that he keeps it on his shoulder blade. When he transforms it is believed that the coin resides in his wings.

Among Batriel’s powers are flight, supernatural strength, the ability to see in complete darkness and the ability to summon and command bats. He is also capable of casting thaumaturgy that can hex an opponent, as well as those most commonly associated with witchcraft.

It is believed that he is immune to fire or extremes of temperature although this is only suspected and has not yet been proven. Batriel prefers to operate in sections of Eastern Europe where vampires are terribly feared. His powers grow stronger at night, doubling on nights of the full moon, and he is at reduced strength during daylight hours.


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