“Knowledge is the only power we need. That which we do not know can only be revealed through patient study, experimentation and time. Revealing the secret workings of creation is my specialty. Join me in the search for ultimate knowledge and power”
- Batanel


Batanel is one of the most reclusive of all the Blackened Denarii. His habit is to remain in possession of a single vessel for decades or longer, and to move carefully and slowly. He is most often interested in Occult lore, specifically those concerning the manipulation of primordial power. As a result he prefers to inhabit Thaumaturgists.

He has remained one of the few Denarii to escape from the central vaults of the Venatori stronghold in Paris. His ability to obscure himself to even the most powerful divinations often leaves the practiced practitioner unprepared for his domination. He prefers to select victims that possess significant power, often pretending to be a lessor creature or entity in order to lure the would-be vessel into a false sense of security.

As a result of this, the ability of the selected target to accurately realize the danger possessing him doesn’t come until it is too late to prevent it. Batanel prefers to remain somewhat reclusive, continuing his personal study of forbidden and arcane knowledge. His power rivals entire groups of powerful Venator, and as such, he is considered one of the most powerful of the Denarii.

His apparent lack of interest to control other Denarii or to do anything other than study seems to keep him safe from manipulations by the other Denarii. Banatel is often considered to be in possession of very hazardous texts, tomes, artifacts and rituals.

In some rare occasions, where his research requires it, he may use his power to test Thaumaturgical theory. It is said that he was responsible for teaching Solomon the Arcana, allowing the creation of the Key and Tome of Solomon.


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