“The power of the thunderbolt has no equal. Beware the wrath of the heavens for it shall seek you and destroy all that you are.”


Baraqiel is one of the most widely recorded members of the Denarius, in as much as his realm of power is concerned. It is believed that he is the basis for the Myths of Thor, Zeus, Jupiter and a large number of other lightning wielding deities. As can be surmised from these assertions, his realm is lightning, storms and weather.

This Denarius is exceptionally dangerous as he is capable of generating and controlling natural forces of electricity. As such, the development of modern technology has provided to him a rich environment from which to draw his power. There is no known limit to the amount of power that he can wield, and he has been known to generate massive electrical storms when angered. Alternately, he is capable of creating minor electrical sparks, no more powerful than a single static discharge equal to those generated by the application of woolen socks upon rich carpet.

It is generally believed that Baraqiel was once an Archangel serving in heaven. In some stories, it was he who hurled lightning that killed those people touching the Ark of the Covenant. In addition to being able to generate electricity, both directed and ambient, Baraqiel is also shrouded in a thin cloud of static that is enough to stun most people who touch him. It seems that he is capable of nullifying this field should he choose to do so, although that is not confirmed.

The easiest way to recognize this Denarius is by the fact that he only possesses three fingers on his left hand. It is believed that they were severed in a battle with the Archangel Ouriel. As a result, regardless of the vessel that he possesses, that body always loses two of the fingers on his left hand. The fingers missing are the ring and pinkie fingers.

The last known encounter with Baraqiel took place in the state of Georgia in the United States in 1859. The confrontation was between Venatori thaumaturgists and Baraqiel and took place in a mostly rural area. Despite this 56 people were killed by lightning strikes now associated with the battle. Twenty-two buildings were burned down and massive flooding resulted due to the heavy rain that was created. Six of the eight Venatori that encountered Baraqiel were killed.

Baraqiel keeps his coin affixed to the back of his left wrist, usually tucked under a sleeve. Severing his hands from the body of his host can only defeat him. This may be a sort of curse placed upon him by his ancient adversary Ouriel. He can be significantly weakened if a series of grounding wires or rods can be made to contact his body. This does not make him helpless, as eventually those grounding wires melt as a result of electrical resistance.

Baraqiel is a very formidable member of the Order and as a result any encounter with him should be handled delicately. Advanced planning has proven to be the best means of defusing his abilities. With that in mind an isolated location is best served when dealing with this particular Denarius.

Also known as: Baradiel, Bareal, Barakiel, Barachiel, Barbiel, Barchiel, Barkiel, Baraquiel, Barattiel, Baruch, Barachiechel, Erathaol, Ezreil, Focalor, Geburah, Gutrix, Hagedola, Hemah, Iomuel, Jeveneal


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