“You deserve to be treated as an equal, no perhaps as a superior. Men only respect that which is powerful and confident. Let me show you how you can gain the respect of all”


Azza, also known as “The Strong One”, is the direct descendant of Lamech’s daughter, Naamah and the Watcher known as Azael. This mixed heritage, contrary to traditional thought did not weaken Azza, but instead proved to grant him exceptional resilience, strength of will, personality and skill. He is often considered the most physically strong and cunning of the Denarii, although among his peers, he is not seen as worthy due to his mixed heritage.

He tends to select the downtrodden and self-depreciating among men to possess. In return, he offers them power, strength and the ability to dominate others through force of will, as well as physical means. This demon is clever, choosing never to manifest himself as anything other than the person that he inhabits, making identification very difficult.

His choice of vessel often leads to violent changes in behavior in those he possesses, usually most closely related to vindication, fulfillment of desire and entitlement. His offering is so seductive to those that he selects that many times his victims do not recognize any evil or “wrong” associated with their actions. In fact many choose to delude themselves that they are possessed at all.

Azza brings enhanced strength, skill, willpower and personality to those he chooses to bestow with his “gifts”. His voice is always calm, soothing and reassuring, making him excellent at seduction. It has been said that his advice and suggestions always appear to be beneficial and reasonable, as such his ability to corrupt is exceptional.

Also known as: The Strong One, Semihazah, Shemyazaz, Sêmîazâz, Semjâzâ, Samjâzâ, Shemyaza, and Shemhazai, Samyaza


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