“The whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azazel: to him ascribe all sin.”
Sanja, Knight of the Cross


Azazel has often been called the original leader of the Watchers, although it is difficult to determine if this fact is indeed true. It is possible, and there have been some reports that Ornias was not always the original leader of the legion of 200 Angels that became the Watchers, or if he somehow overthrew Azazel sometime after the fall took place. As a result of this speculation, it can be surmised that Azazel may be the most vehement opponent to the current leader of the Denarii. It is also likely that he has a few loyal members of the order that will obey him over Ornias.

The truth, however difficult to know is that it is apparent that regardless of prior rank and position within the Watcher’s hierarchy, that Azazel is no longer privileged as a member of the upper leadership.
Position within the ranks aside, Azazel is a very formidable opponent, who seems to possess the ability to affect memory in mortals. He is capable of causing people to forget that they have ever encountered him, or in some instances, forget acts that they have committed at his behest. It is believed that Azazel possesses the power of knowledge, which is to say that he shares in a small degree the massive knowledge of all things found within the Cosmos. This implication is nearly impossible to categorize, but seems to refer to rote knowledge rather than omnipresence. Though this power is ascribed to him, it is unclear how or if this has ever been used in any way.

Azazel is a creator among the ranks of the Fallen. It is believed that he was present at the time that the Cosmos was created and given form, and that as a result Azazel possesses to some limited degree the ability to create new life. In past encounters, Azazel has been credited with the creation of dragons, chimera and other creatures of a grotesque and bizarre nature. It is said that he possesses the ability to create, mold and enliven the primordial clay of life. Perhaps in an earlier time he participated in the formulation or creation of the world in which we live, but as of late, Azazel has only used his talents to create nasty creatures that he uses to fulfill his personal agenda. It is believed that he is capable of transferring a small amount of his personal energies into his creation to grant them vitality beyond the pale of normal creatures.

The last encounter with Azazel was in Siberia in 1908. There a Knight of the Cross, Sanja, encountered and defeated Azazel and a group of creatures that he had created for the sole purpose of protecting a mystical center where primordial clay of life could be created and harvested by the Denarius. It was believed that he was intending to “build” a powerful supernatural army and was planning on beginning his conquest in Russia.

The Battle ended in a tremendous explosion, which destroyed the constructs and Azazel’s body. The Knight was then capable of capturing the coin, although it had become difficult to collect. The location was a little known valley called Tunguska. According to the reports, Azazel has a weakness for copper, the more pure the better.

Azazel is believed to carry his coin in the palm of his left hand, beneath the skin. It is believed that this positioning is somehow needed in order to allow him to bring his works to life. The real difficulty in facing Azazel is the presence of the unusual creatures that he tends to collect. They are always formidable and very hazardous for the individual who seeks to destroy this particular Denarius.


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