“I am fashioned by the hand of the almighty himself, therefore I am perfect. I do the bidding for which I was designed, the Almighty makes no mistake and as I am his creation I am therefore perfect. Therefore, the harm I do is only that which I was created for doing.”
– Asael


Asael is one of the most intriguing of the Denarii. His argument is a strong one. It revolves around the inability to deny that the perfect God makes no mistakes. This statement is entwined with the undeniable fact that God created Asael. Ergo, the Perfect God created the perfect Asael, which in turn undertakes the activities that he was designed to undertake. He does not believe himself evil, but rather more a natural force, whose very existence and creation makes him perfectly suited to undertake whatever action he sees fit to perform.

This argument is one that has caused some of his opponents pause over the years, particularly as refuting this claim, in effect refutes the unerring nature of Almighty God. While confirming it, justifies Asael’s continued rampage and destructive acts.

Of all the Denarii, Asael is the most difficult to define, predict or handle. His behavioral attributes shift from person to person, or from time to time. In some cases his acts are completely charitable with no discernable evil associated with them, while at other times they are as demonic as they come.
This chaotic nature makes Asael a dangerous and unpredictable foe, as his reactions never seem to follow any known pattern.

Like his actions, Asael seems to have no defined demonic form, preference for vessels or even preferred locations that he likes to operate within. He seems to make up the rules as he goes, and in some instances seems almost bi-polar in personality and action.

His wildly varying behavior also oftentimes leads him to be misidentified as a completely different Denarii altogether. Whether this is intentional or incidental is unknown.

Also known as: He- Fashioned by God.


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