Arnio Fabriagio


Nationality: Italian
Age: 72
Occupation: Professional Chauffeur and Mechanic
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 160
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Brown


Arnio Fabriagio is the professional chauffeur and mechanic to the Estate of the Late Ottorino and Widowed Elsa Respighi. He is the last member of this family to serve in this position. He has claimed that his family has served as the coachman, or drivers for the Respighi family for at least the last 6or seven generations.

He resides in the nicely appointed apartments above the carriage house (converted into a Garage) on the Respighi estate. He has a son, named Alon. His wife died several decades ago.

Arnio, is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the many cars and other vehicles that are owned by the estate. He is no longer able to drive, due to failing eyesight brought about by age, but is an able mechanic and is wholly dedicated to the welfare of the Respighi family.

One of his most cherished responsibilities is to maintain the 1936 Cabriolet owned by Ottorino Respighi. Despite the death of the car’s owner, he has it ready to drive at a moment’s notice, in accordance to the desires of his late employer and in accordance with the continued wishes of the Widow Respighi.

In 1936, he was encountered by the Vatican City SAVE office during an investigation into a haunting and possible poltergeist at the Respighi Estate. His revelation to the envoys that he had interrupted an attempted grave robbery at the family mausoleum on the estate grounds two days prior, led the group to discover that Ottorino’s ashes were missing from his burial urn, interred in the family crypt.

This discovery would strengthen the belief that some outside force was somehow manipulating the spirit of the deceased to cause the haunting.

Arnio Fabriagio

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