“Who can love to walk in the dark? But providence doth often so dispose.”
– Armaros


Armaros is often considered one of the most brutal members of the Order of the Blackened Denarius. He has a strategic mind and is known to prefer to take the form of the infamous Oliver Cromwell. It is clear that he can not possibly be in possession of the original body of Cromwell, but rather that he seems to somehow modify the body into the form of that man. The exact obsession with that form is unclear, although it is believed that Armaros most likely once possessed the great military reformist only to abandon him at some point prior to his execution.

Armaros possesses a number of frightening powers. It seems that he possesses the ability to suck the life force from a living victim, forcing a sort of flashback of their history. He is apparently capable of limiting this drawing out of the life-energy, as it was employed against a member of the San Francisco branch of SAVE, named Penny Sandoval. In addition to this ability, he is also exceptionally resilient to physical damage, although he can be injured by a bullwhip. He is reported to be completely immune to steel and perhaps other forms of metals. He is capable of exceptional speed, possessing the alacrity to dodge bullets in mid-flight. It is unclear whether he possesses any other powers.

Armaros must have some sway within the ranks of the order as he was seen to be in command of some of the other members of the order, most notably Naamah. It is unclear whether his authority is true or a ruse.

Armaros is known to have some ties to Red Court Vampires. In 1913, he directed a large number of them to slaughter several innocents. He is also capable of performing some sort of wards that prevented Venatori Thaumaturgists from gaining access to a specific location. It is suspected that he was not the one responsible for this ability and that it originated elsewhere.

Armaros was last encountered in Crete in 1913. There he was instrumental in Ornias’ plan to steal the Key of Solomon. His participation was limited to acting as a foil and visible nemesis for the SAVE Envoys investigating the case. He was very successful in fulfilling his role. He was not defeated by any of the Envoys present, instead being summoned by Ornias during the period where he possessed the Key.

Oddly enough, when he was summoned away from his body, the host dissolved into a pile of dust. It is unclear then if this was a result of the summons, or a result of Armaros’ “defeat”. It has been posited that he may not actually have a physical host and that he is the only Denarius that is capable of forming his own physical form without the need of a host.

It was not until 1919 that Armaros was associated with the identity of Oliver Cromwell. It is apparent that Armaros is willing to do anything to achieve any goal that he has set before him. In this regards, he has no concern for the welfare of innocents. In fact, past history seems to indicate that he prefers to place his opponents into the position of choosing between stopping him and preventing unwanted casualties. This outlook tends to prevent his capture, and to date it is believed that he has not been previously captured.

The exact location of his coin is unknown, but it is suspected to be located on one of his shoulders, above the shoulder blade. This information originates as a result of direct observation by a SAVE Envoy named Jack Dawson, and was witnessed in 1913 in Crete.

Also known as: Armoni, Ollie, Oliver, Oliver Cromwell, Old Roundhead


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