Ari Huismann


Nationality: Arab
Age: 23
Occupation: Archives Guard
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 135
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown


Ari Huismann is a member of the Papal Archives Guards. Despite his origins in Saudi Arabia, a country dominated by Islamic Religious societies that actively persecute Catholics, Ari remained a devout Catholic.

Two years prior to becoming a member of the Archives Guard, Ari was involved in the smuggling of Persecuted Catholics to safety, when religious tensions were at their height. His quick thinking and obvious dedication earned him a place at the Vatican. He spent a year training before being accepted as a specialized guard watching the Archives.

In 1935, he disappeared after an attack upon the Vatican Secret Archives.


In actuality, Ari isn’t Catholic. In fact he is a very devout Cathar. His Catholic facade is a result of years of preparation and training. He has been trained in espionage techniques and infiltration since age 15.

He is a member of the Brotherhood of Iron. He was killed in the Athenaeum Arcana, in January of 1936, by members of the Vatican City SAVE Office, during a battle to destroy the Roman Catholic Church.

Ari Huismann

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