“Only I, among all the Fallen Angels upon this world can be called warlord. I have slain more than even the Almighty can count, so mortal, you shall be wise to worship me.”


Arakiel is the second in command of the Order of the Blackened Denarius, although this position within the hierarchy is based solely upon conversation with the various captured members of the Denarii. While it could be suggested that Arakiel may not in truth hold that position, the Society feels that in light of the testimony provided by the Knights of the Cross that this claim is justifiable.

Arakiel is a skilled warrior, the likes of which are almost unfathomable to the minds of mortal men. His skill supposedly originates with his original position as an Archangel in heaven before his fall from grace in the pursuit of women. In this regards, it is said that he was only defeated in combat by the Archangel Michael, after a battle that lasted for a supposed 300-years.

The Denarii known as Arakiel seems to prefer military men, or men with conflict on their minds. According to the Venatori libraries, the possession of such a mortal grants them an unprecedented skill in all matters martial. It is suspected that the stories of the mighty Achilles could very well have been a recitation of the military exploits of a warrior of ancient Greece possessed by this Denarii.

The Venatori have encountered Arakiel on many occasions, as he seems to prefer periods of great strife and conflict to become active. It is suspected that he played a major hand in the various wars of the Middle Ages, and Renaissance. The exact degree of his participation is unknown, although it is greatly suspected that he was instrumental in the developmental stages leading up to the 100-years war, which ravaged most of Europe.

Arakiel has not limited his influence to Europe. There is strong evidence that he was involved in the colonial conflicts in Africa, the Sino-Russ conflicts and several others in the late 1800s and very early 1900s. It is believed that when he is not creating a war, he serves as a mercenary during times of conflict, where those conflicts are naturally occurring, if such a state can be said to be natural.

The last known encounter with Arakiel was in 1909. Members of the Knights of the Cross tracked him into Asia, where he was fomenting conflict in the area of Indochina. The meeting was brutal and one of the Knights of the Cross was killed. However, after seeing the strength of faith possessed by the Knights, Arakiel’s possessor tried to give up the coin, but was unable to do so as a result of a lack of conviction. In the delay caused by the hesitation, the last remaining Knight managed to land a mortal blow on the possessor and in so doing seize the coin.

Arakiel possesses a number of formidable abilities, including, apparently the ability to see a few moments ahead into the future. This ability allows him to almost always accurately avoid any blow thrown at him. It is only at a moment during the conflict when his vessel attempted to renounce him that this ability faltered. It has been suggested that this ability was not faltering, but that Arakiel’s attentions were elsewhere, allowing him to miss the moment wherein he would be defeated in combat. Arakiel also possesses amazing strength, speed and dexterity. He is an exceptionally skilled warrior.

Arakiel wears his coin upon his heel. It is in a location renowned as the weakness of Achilles. It is believed that he can only be killed by poison, or by the steady hand of an archer. He seems to have a greater weakness than most against arrows, whereas this weakness does not seem to extend to more modern firearms.

Also known as: Arâkîba, Araqiel, Araqael, Araciel, Arqael, Sarquael, Arkiel or Arkas


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