“Behold the power of the mighty storm. No force upon the Earth can withstand it. I am the storm, and you mortal will fall before my wrath.”


Ananel is one of the lessor known members of the order of the Blackened Denarius. It is believed that prior to his fall, he was an Archon of Storms, and that he may have been responsible for the tempest upon the sea recorded in the Bible. It is that same tempest that Christ ordered, “peace be still.”

If records are accurate, Ananel is capable of altering more than just large-scale weather patterns. He is capable of creating smaller localized environmental incidents as well. It is believed that he can cause drought, flooding, storms of all sorts, as well as control the winds. On a smaller scale, he can change the weather within a smaller area. He has been known to flood small rooms drowning the occupants, cause people to die of exposure such as frostbite, heat stroke or heat exhaustion. His abilities lie within the realms of the primal, and they can either be extremely brutal, or they can be very precise depending on Ananel’s mood.

The last major encounter with Ananel was with the Knights of the cross in New York State, United States of America in 1816. The confrontation took place in an abandoned field, yet Ananel’s presence affected a great deal of New England, causing heavy frosts in Connecticut in late May and Early June. In addition to the frost, there was snowfall in New York City, Albany and other areas. The result was regional crop failure, generating malnutrition, starvation, epidemic, and increased mortality.

The conflict affected more than the immediate area, with affects reaching as far away as china, where several Rice crops failed as a result of abnormally cold temperatures. Weather patterns were affected for the next two years despite the victory over Ananel.

It is unclear how many natural weather cycles, from droughts, heat waves, tropical storms or blizzards are the direct result of Ananel’s influence, but it is safe to say that at least some of them are. It is possible that Ananel was responsible for the Galveston Texas Hurricane in 1900.

Ananel in addition to possessing the power over primal weather patterns is also capable of controlling winds. He can produce small gentle nudges or gale-force winds at will, and as a result he is capable of sustained flight.

His ability to fly away from danger makes him a hard opponent to capture and as a result he has only been confined once for a period of three hundred years. The Venatori were responsible for that capture in 1600, and used a magic binding circle of unknown type to bind and capture him.

It is believed that Ananel keeps his coin on a chain around his neck. This is a sign of vanity for the Denarius, which can be distracted with some banter flattering his ego or powers. He is a particularly vain Denarius, which makes him subject to some level of manipulation, although it is dangerous to attempt. He prefers men and women of power, especially those seeking personal aggrandizement. It is beneficial to him if they also have some degree of hatred or wrath towards a specific object or person. He uses such things as leverage against an unwitting host, in order to better control them.


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