Amias Regalis


Amias Regalis is an unusual individual who made the aquaintance of Liberty Rothe and Agostino Selletti during mass on Sundat March 8th, 1936.

The individual was dressed in dark and unusual clothing, wearing make-up and brandishing bodypiercing jewelry. He indicated that he knew Liberty’s actual name, as well as at least some of Agosino’s history.

Although he never offered his name, he did provide the two, specifically Agnostino with Liberty as a +1, to a party. He declared that there would be food, drink, carousing and a monumental orgy.

He then departed the Church without a second thought. He also noted with some degree of infterest that also didn’t care for the holy sacrement, that it was akin to canibalism.

It is unknown what role he plays in the local world, but the fact that he is most likely supernatural or a player of some level in the supernatural world has not been lost on the Envoys.

He could be a messenger for a greater power or he could be working on his own. In any case he sould be treated with caution until his affiliations and agenda are known.


Amias Regalis

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